Kleintierklinik Ludwigsburg

Kleintierklinik Ludwigsburg, Ludwigsburg

A calm lake, in the middle of which two islands rest, bordered by a birch forest. This was the conceptual starting point for the design of the new reception area of the small animal clinic Ludwigsburg. The objective of the design for the new waiting area, which is the link between doctors, staff and clients, was primarily to communicate a large portion of peace and serenity - two aspects that are essential preparatory components of successful treatment. 

“We need a place for our clients and their owners that meets our demands for individual care, professional service and future-oriented thinking,” says Dr. Marc Goldhammer, who has managed the clinic together with his wife since 2016. 

The generous space reflects the openness of the clinic’s operations and offers room for movement, giving patients and their owners the peace and quiet they seek before an examination or surgical procedure. The high-quality lighting underlines the haptic and visual quality of the materials chosen. “It was clear to us that we wanted to work with authentic and sustainable materials”. Just entering the room makes the visitor feel that he is in good hands. You walk on a light-colored rubber floor covering which, in addition to its excellent hygienic properties, conveys a pleasantly soft feeling of walking. 

The wall panelling made of white glazed maritime pine with differently structured surfaces is not only an artistic and technical experiment - designed as a functional band, it composes all infrastructural facilities such as functional niches for drinks, the media display, seating niches and finally the reception into a single coherent and calm background. The overall bright and friendly-looking color scheme is contrasted by strong black and natural wood as well as the subtly muted blue of the seat upholstery, in keeping with the corporate color of the company.  

The patient, be it a dog, cat or chimpanzee - this species also belongs to the group of patients in the specialist veterinary practice, which, due to its expertise, counts Wilhelma, one of the most popular zoos in Germany, among its customers - takes a comfortable seat next to its owners on the open upholstered islands in the middle of the room, true to the motto “the customer is king”. If you are looking for a little more peace and intimacy, you can take one of the seats in the niches integrated in the wall coverings and watch the action from there. Following the example of separate waiting rooms for private patients known from human medicine and in order to avoid quarrels among the four-legged friends, the clinic, which has been awarded the “cat-friendly-clinic” seal of approval, decided to build a separate waiting area for the cats. 

 “We quickly realized that waiting is already part of the service offered. The stay before the treatment should have the same importance as the treatment itself”. 

“The emotional aspect,” says Tandawardaja, “is a central part of the therapy. Here the architecture has a decisive influence on the well-being of the visitors. A parameter that plays an important role in all our projects. While the fulfillment of functional requirements is a matter of course, the skilful elaboration of a clear qualitative and experiential added value is considered a freestyle.

Project information


Ludwigsburg, Germany

Project status



Hadi Tandawardaja


Zooey Braun

Type of project

direct commission


LP 1 – 8


2016 – 2019