Building in existing buildings / historic preservation / renovation

Mozartstrasse, Stuttgart

The historic revitalization of the existing building is a special task for us. It challenges us to subordinate our own design intent to the original design idea, to think it further and to enable contemporary use without compromising on needs and today's living standards.

Due to its restrained design and the very simple fixtures and fittings, it is a very archaic example of the many renovation concepts that our office has created and carried out in recent years. This object therefore very clearly illustrates our attitude towards our built heritage, free of the coloring that otherwise often dominates our work or individual fixtures. In an effort to preserve the character of the existing building as much as possible and meaningful, all construction-time constructions, surfaces and decorative elements were carefully prepared and supplemented where necessary. Nevertheless, a careful intervention in the floor plan organization made sense in order to meet the contemporary needs of the owners and users.

The bathroom area with shower and toilet, which is only accessible via the kitchen, was separated. In the course of this, an access that was presumably locked in the 1970s for the purpose of installing a shower was restored. In close consultation with the monument protection department, it was also possible to meet the client's request for a direct and spacious connection between the kitchen and dining room. After a construction period of almost six months, the property was handed over to the owners.

Measures in detail:

Reorganization of the spatial references in the areas of bathroom, kitchen, dining / laying of the electrical distributor and redistribution of the electrical lines / dismantling of the individual gas stoves and installation of a central gas heating system as well as new radiators / reconfiguration and enlargement of the bathroom floor plan and installation of sanitary objects / upgrading of the herringbone parquet from the construction period / reconditioning of plinths , Friezes, stucco and lamperia / production of a storage room / installation of a fitted kitchen as well as built-in cupboards and radiator cladding.

Project information


Stuttgart, Deutschland

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Marianna Maslow

Hadi Tandawardaja


Hadi A. Tandawardaja

Type of project

direct commission


LP 1 – 8


2018 – 2018