The red cloud

Champa Metzingen, Metzingen

The “Champa”, a vietnamese restaurant,  is located in the middle of the centrally located Lindenplatz in a glass cube with glazing on all sides in the middle of the Outletcity Metzingen, surrounded by the outlets of the large sports and fashion stores from Nike to Marc O' Polo to Prada and Armani. 

Despite its exposed location, the single-story cubature blends harmoniously into the surroundings. The facade reflects the vegetation along the immediate stream, creating a harmonious connection to nature. 

The spatial object “The Red Cloud” is subject to constant change and changes its appearance depending on the incidence of light from morning to midday to night.

A powerful, glowing red cloud on the ceiling, which extends over the entire length of the room, forms a connecting “sky” over the guest room and - visible from afar from the outside - becomes a visual ambassador and room design element. With its iridescent red tones, the ceiling sculpture connects the interior and the outside world. Their size and color create an unmissable presence. 


The chosen colors give the room a lively and at the same time inviting atmosphere, which gains dynamism through the subtle change in colors. 

Their fine structure creates hundreds of different spatial experiences depending on the perspective. The choice of materials and coloring express the innovative and at the same time playful approach that should be reflected in the operators' Asian fusion cuisine. 


The overall restrained furnishings and the solid bar, clad in dark red clay, are subordinate to the lively play of the shimmering red symbol of change and transformation.


Project information


Metzingen, Deutschland

Project status





Hadi Tandawardaja

Kristina Feige

in Cooperation with

Superpunkt & Kalashnikow


Zooey Braun

Type of project

direct commission


LP 1 – 8


2022 – 2023