An elegant retreat

Villy Apartments, Pörtschach

Development of contemporary temporary apartments for a commercial investor in Pörtschach - As a refuge for the restless modern nomad, high-quality apartments for a temoral stay are to be individually designed in a former cinema.

A place for people on the go

Due to their profession constantly surrounded by other people, they need a retreat, where they are alone and can refuel. Collect ideas, find yourself, reflect or be creative. We create a place that lets them be, a place where they do not have to meet social conventions and expectations. A refuge - a retreat. For one night, a few days or weeks a year. In contrast to a conventional apartment, the hideaway is a one-room, fulfilling all functions, providing a casual lifestyle with all amenities, which does not take into account a predetermined daily routine and therefore does not have a spatially-functional hierarchy.

A place of deceleration

The fine play of monochrome shades with reflection and absorption, light and dark, forms a living stage for the main actors who play the space: authentic objects made of warm wood and fine textile contrast with the background. No pomp, but simplicity, yet with style and comfort. Conscious reduction of elements, no distraction, no overabundance. Simple elegance, a contrast to the image of our everyday environment, which is characterized by seeing and being seen, by attracting attention at any price, from faster to higher.

“The refuge is intended to enable the temporary escape from everyday life and offer unobtrusive comfort. A place that makes you forget everyday life.”

Casual and informal, it reminds of a dormitory

A retreat that offers protection from the limitless possibilities, the abundance of diversity, the crushing mass of impressions, the fast pace, the instability of trends. A place of unobtrusiveness that seems so natural, as if it were given more than designed. On a few square meters, we create a retreat of the upper class, which does not lack comfort and at the same time proves the highest degree of understatement. Tasteful and elegant as a luxury suite.

It is visually enlarged by a room-high mirrored entrance wall. The finished screed floor gives it a process-like character and allows the embedded mosaic inlays in the area of ​​the bay and the bathing area to come into their own.
These two areas, which merge seamlessly into the main room, are emphasized by ceiling mirrors, which also make the retreat appear larger overall. While the toilet and shower area is separated by a curtain in front of a glass, the other functions are in direct spatial relation. Apparently chaotically joined together cabinet elements add up to a space-connecting sideboard that provides storage space, then to the desk, later to the bank, then the storage for bathroom utensils, to create order.

No defined place of sleep, no defined place of rest

The center of the room - as the island and center of events - is determined by furniture made of two wooden boxes. They are transformed from the table to the couch, from the couch to the bed, from the single bed to the double bed.
Not a defined place of sleep, not a defined place of rest - rather a piece of furniture to meet the need to be allowed to do everything, and always.

Project information


Pörtschach, Austria

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studio.tatsache GmbH


Hadi Tandawardaja

Tobias Bochmann

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studio.tatsache GmbH

Type of project

direct commission


Preliminary draft