The Hospitalhof - in the heart of Stuttgart

Realisierungswettbewerb Hospitalhof, Stuttgart

Competition contribution to complement and renovation of the entire system Hospitalhof in Stuttgart - The removal of forming a strong identity by means of a distinctive appearance is a primary goal for the redesign of Hospitalhofs, headquarters of the Evangelical Lutheran Church "Hospitalhof" in Stuttgart. The new event complex as well as the existing administration building will be clad with a white expanded metal façade. Thus, the new building is integrated into the overall ensemble and underlines the contrast to the Hospital Church, which thus gains in visibility again.

Sharpen your identity

The Hospitalhof as an important institution of the Protestant Church in the state and in Stuttgart is as such present in the public consciousness little and urban space barely perceptible. In addition to the low, uninviting ground floor zone, this is not least due to the existing conglomerate of various buildings with moderate representation potential. The emergence of a strong identity, a concise appearance is therefore the primary goal.
All new and old elements of the ensemble are combined into one strong architectural unit. The exception is the hospital church, which is strengthened in its special position. The remaining two elements thus clearly illustrate the two poles of content in the hospital courtyard, the sacred and the profane. The homogenization of the administration building and the event areas on the one hand and the church on the other, lead to a strengthening of the complex as an overall complex and sharpen the external perception.
The new basement level creates inviting transparency through its generous height and reinforces the relationship between the public space, the foyer areas and the inner courtyard behind.
An appropriate identity in the public consciousness is developed - a place with a high recognition potential.

The emergence of a strong identity, a succinct appearance is the primary goal of the concept.

Integration and opening

The new Hospitalhof will be accessible via three autonomous entrance situations as well as their character and function. From the Büchsenstraße as an important connecting axis between the city center and the cultural institutions around Liederhalle and Boschareal, from the Hospitalplatz as an upgraded neighborhood square and Kirchenvorplatz and from the Gymnasiumstraße.
All entrances have in common the direct connection and visual relationship to the central courtyard area. The differentiated access situations allow separate access during parallel events. While the access from the Büchsenstraße primarily opens up the general event area, the new access situation to the hospital square revives the function of the former church entrance. Here a generous, bright foyer emerges as a worthy entrance to the hospital church. The access from the Gymnasiumstraße takes place, also with direct reference to the farm at the height of the street level, whereby the entrance is appropriately upgraded.
A circumferential transparent band in the base area strengthens the public character and makes the Hospitalhof visible as an inner-city treasure - at the same time the footpath in extension of the haylane is thereby significantly upgraded.
Visitors enter the upper volume via a generously proportioned staircase, which, with its expanded metal façade, unites distinctly set openings and the closed wall areas of all parts of the building and at the same time integrates the administrative building into the facility.
The central courtyard-oriented approach translates the image of the former cloister into the present day. As a central location inside the facility, it opens up to the city space via the foyer areas assigned to the event halls. In addition to its function as a central element that connects all areas, it also forms an informal forum for communication and encounters for a wide variety of user groups.

The integration of the new building into the overall ensemble strengthens the contrast to the Hospitalkirche, which is thus regaining its presence.

Inventory and new building

The hospital church is strengthened by the unification of the plant as a distinctive solitaire and is no longer just an element in a heterogeneous ensemble. Spatially, the destroyed nave is not reconstructed. In its place, the new foyer replaces the room. Overall, the new building holds on all sides of the existing church and the surviving fragments of the nave a reasonable respect distance, which is structurally represented as a glass joint. At the large foyer, the fugue takes up the main staircase up to the large hall, while the garden hall is additionally provided with diffused daylight via the glass fugue and the preserved historical wall inside becomes a striking element.

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Stuttgart, Germany

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Evangelische Gesamtkirchengemeinde Stuttgart


Hadi Tandawardaja

Tobias Bochmann

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limited open implementation competition


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