High Tech from the foot of the Swabian Alb

Leuze GmbH, Owen an der Teck

Expansion of the headquarters of Leuze GmbH for office, administrative and production space - Leuze GmbH is an internationally active, leading company in the development, production and sale of sensors for industrial automation. On the basis of a needs study, we were commissioned to carry out the preliminary planning for the spatial development on the site of the company against the background of a step by step implementation. A clear spatial organization, the operational procedures as well as the implementation of a clear and strong brand image are central aspects of the design.

Simplicity as a basic principle

The aim of the design is to achieve a harmonious overall appearance of the company headquarters through an urban planning and functionally sensible extension. As a horizontal development and development axis, the highway connects all areas - existing as well as new buildings. It provides a simple orientation and enables a consistent gradual expansion in three or more stages of construction. All important functions connect directly, in the area of the interface between existing administration and new building it widens to the reception and foyer area.

"It is important to us that our architecture captures and reflects the essence of its users"

Optimization through functional separation

In addition to the urban design qualities, which are created by the modular arrangement of the functions, the great advantage of the functional separation lies in the autonomous optimization of the respective functional areas as well as in their separate extensibility. Both the production, the logistics area or the office wing can be further supplemented in later steps without major restrictions during ongoing operation. Production and logistics grow linearly along the highways, the office wing can be increased. Due to the adapted storey height, it is possible to connect offset-free directly to the existing administration building on each level if required. At the same time, the arrangement of the individual functions guarantees optimal internal processes with short distances.

Urban Design

The new office block is intended as an urban continuation of the administration building and defines the entrance courtyard as its counterpart. It represents the interface to the directly adjacent production and storage area. The expanding property suggests expanding the production area in further construction phases with greater hall depth in order to be able to optimally utilize the available area reserves. In addition, this produces a high urban design quality, since the volume is structured as a matter of course.

“If there is a simple solution, it is always better”

Inventory, change and innovation

In addition to the urban planning and functional decisions, the architecture should sustainably strengthen the image of the company. As an established company with a strong local commitment, the architecture conveys the innovative character of the products and at the same time the company's solid, faithful attitude: a strong street facing protects the introverted garden courtyard and leads employees and visitors to the entrance yard. As a solid pedestal, it carries the office bar and, through this motif, creatively connects the new building with the existing administration building.

Recognize, identify and protect

The office bar is clad with a façade of portrait glass and aluminum panels. The properties of Leuze electronic's products are subtle - recognizing, identifying and protecting them symbolically: clear glass, glass with a high degree of reflection and absorbing aluminum panels alternate in an irregular play and form a homogenous whole, which partially allows insights and fragmentary reflection of the stock. In the area of production, the horizontal structure of the existing hall is included. The floor-to-ceiling panorama window band creates a strong connection to the landscape and promises high quality in the workplace.

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Owen an der Teck, Germany

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REM Assets, Stuttgart


Hadi Tandawardaja

Tobias Bochmann

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REM Assets

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direct commission


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