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Mehrzweckhalle Kressbronn, Kressbronn on Lake Constance

Competition entry for the new construction of the multi-purpose hall Kressbronn - an inviting identity-creating venue for sports and festive events. The new hall is urban planning as a natural link between the city center and the adjacent green belt of the Nonnenbach. In addition to the town hall with its plaza, it forms an attractive urban stepping stone in the public space of Kressbronn and, with its forecourt, decisively complements the range of qualitative public open spaces. With the surrounding structure and the proposed flexible new development on the western adjoining properties, the new multi-purpose hall forms an ensemble harmoniously integrated into the cityscape.

Adequate gesture

The structure reacts in its structure and cubature to the scale of the place. Thus, the foyer is invitingly presented to the main street and, with the single-storey functional areas that communicate with the outside space via the transparent corridor area, comprises the higher hall body, which opens generously to the Nonnenbach.
The stage, artist and school sports entrance is oriented to the north. The pitches arranged here under an open tree roof blend in harmoniously with the continuing green corridor of the Nonnenbach. The Nonnenbach itself is "uncovered" towards the hall and brought to life over wide seating levels. The opposite side summarizes the space through the existing green.

Open house

The open vertical structure of the structure defines both exterior and interior space without separating them. It represents an archaic and timelessly elegant framework that opens up to a variety of uses.
A "soft" carpet made of hard-wearing wood paving inside the building continues invitingly on the forecourt as a natural stone pavement, thus supporting the continuum between the outside and the inside. The compact side bar made of exposed concrete houses the functional areas. The hall area as well as the foyer are created in wood construction. This constructive contrast is visible inside. The fine light exposed concrete exaggerates the warm appearance of the wooden clothing in the upper area of ​​the hall.
The open ceiling construction is integrated into a rhythm of wooden slats, which serve as both ceiling clothing and acoustics. The luminaires integrated in the lamellae clothing ensure uniform room lighting. Round accent lights complement the lighting concept for mood and festive lighting.
The new multi-purpose hall Kressbronn offers with the hall as well as the foyer an elegant and at the same time solid environment for most different uses.

The open vertical structure of the construction presents itself as a robust, timelessly elegant framework for a variety of uses.

Compact and economical

The compact arrangement of the functions makes it possible to maximize the usable space in the foyer area. The minimization of the basement area as well as the ground floor arrangement of the pitches ensure reduced construction costs.
The limitation to a few different elements both in the area of the structure and the facade allow a high degree of industrial prefabrication in large quantities. The outer wooden supports in the base area are both construction and part of the facade. The functional core and the solid walls at the head of the hall serve to stiffen and simplify the structure.
As a thermal shell, identical glazed and closed, conventionally insulated elements alternate in loose succession. So the functional areas can be largely closed, the show pages generously opened.


Wood as the main material minimizes the "gray energy" and contributes to the positive energy balance as a renewable raw material. The largely closed, attached "wooden hood" in the upper hall area, together with the integrated textile sunscreen in the lower areas, protects against overheating. A natural ventilation of the hall is ensured by cross-ventilation between the two long sides.
From a floor duct in front of the glazed façade to the Nonnenbach, fresh supply air flows in, which is absorbed by a channel in the embankment area of ​​the stream bed. The exhaust air escapes via the opposite façade in the upper wall section through ventilation flaps. The optimal arrangement can of course be ventilated by forced ventilation, in which the fresh air is distributed close to the ground and then slowly rises evenly. The earth channel is used in summer for cooling, in winter for heating the supply air and offers night-time ventilation optimal burglary protection. In winter, the used air from the roof area is returned to the earth channel via channels, where it heats the supply air via a heat exchanger.
The photovoltaic system on the roof of the hall and stage area complements the energy concept.
Extensive green roofs in the area of ​​the foyer and adjoining rooms together with the open plaza as well as the open asphalt and the lawn grid in the area of ​​the parking lots, minimize the surface sealing.

Project information


Kressbronn on Lake Constance, Germany

Project status



Gemeinde Kressbronn a.B.


Hadi Tandawardaja

Tobias Bochmann

in Cooperation with


Type of project

Restricted realization competition


Preliminary draft


1808 m²




Mehrzweckhalle Kreisbronn, 2nd prize